Resources for Mendelssohn Elijah


The Exeter Choral Society is performing Mendelssohn’s oratorio “Elijah” in 2018. Here are a few handy resources for this term.

Note-learning aids

Choraline is a popular starting-point for singers looking for note-learning aids. You buy the recording for your voice part (with an option to download). There are spoken cues, an orchestra playing the accompaniment, and the individual part is played on a solo instrument to make it easy to follow and listen (and have a go yourself!)
Listen to a sample and buy the Choraline rehearsal recording for Mendelssohn “Elijah”.

Cyberbass¬†is a free web-based resource (although you can also pay to download the CD). There don’t seem to be as many ‘extras’ as Choraline, but it’s free after all. Listen to the Cyberbass recording for Elijah.

Cuts, stands and sits

We’re making some cuts to the piece. Download my notes and check which movements we’re singing (or missing out).

Recordings of Mendelssohn “Elijah”

The first recording of Elijah that I ever bought is this classic, featuring the inimitable Bryn Terfel in the title role.

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